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Tavia Grant

My art style consists of stippling and geometrics and it knew that I was for it before I knew that it was for me.  We had a love/hate relationship for a long time.  It was looking for a serious commitment, but I felt like I had to put in too much time and effort before seeing any reciprocity, so I would get my art style fix, then stray to play w/ other styles that gave me instant gratification.  It never failed though, I would always get bored with the others and eventually find my way back to what touched my soul.  And my art style was always there waiting with open arms.  As I matured, my patience grew and with it, my appreciation for the time that we spent together grew as well.  We can spend hours together everyday, and I still learn something new about it.  One thing that I learned as we grew closer was that what seemed to be a lack of reciprocity turned out to be a tough exterior, but once it opened up, the end results were always worth the wait.  There's no separating us now.  Together for life.  You're welcome to take a look a the progress and enjoy the view of the journey.

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For inquiries regarding commissions & purchases or to simply get in touch, please use the online form or email:  nonverbalarticulation@gmail .com


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